Day Four

The day started out bad, as I had only lost a half pound, but in total I lost 8 pounds since I started getting ready to diet and starting the diet.  I’m writing this on day five and have decided not to weigh myself today.  Day four ended up being great in total.  I’m starting to enjoy cooking, believe it or not.  I have found several terrific web sites that have easy recipes with ingredients I have.  I haven’t started exercising yet, but will soon.  I’ve started downloading podcasts onto my iphone that I can listen to on the treadmill. 

I also received PastaQueen’s book and am loving it.  She’s very clever, authentic, and I love the fact that she works in my industry.  I’ve been following her on Twitter too.  It’s weird using Twitter in this way.  I feel like a groupie stalker.  There are many things I relate to in the book.  Among them is the conflict I feel over the fat acceptance blogs I have in my blog roll.  Fat discrimination is heinous, but I understand what she’s saying about the desire to lose weight and being snubbed by the Fat Acceptance community.  It’s a weird world.  

Yesterday, my daughter and I were watching some old home videos.  I saw myself on camera and can’t believe I’ve been this size for so long.  My brain just does not “see” my body image this way.  Unlike Pasta Queen, I was not morbidly obese all my life.  It started in my 30s.  But it’s been a very long time that I’ve looked this way.  

I’m thinking of starting a South Beach Diet social network in my town.  I think it might be fun to network with other people on the diet.  Plus, I could stand to make a few friends here.  We moved here over a year ago and I haven’t met many people.

What do you think?

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