Here We Go Loop de Loop!

Only Boomers will recognize loop-de-loop, but I thought it was a fitting headline for this post.  My new friends and colleagues from (the company formerly known as) XPLANE have taught me that anyone can draw. I wanted to demonstrate on paper how these “loop de loops” are the bermuda triangle (circle?) of weight loss.

I’ll be going along just fine with a gradual, steady weight loss… and then BAM!  I gain a pound or even two pounds, for no rational reason.  I’m convinced these upticks are devil-inspired obstacles that throw you into a fiery burning pit of anxiety, self-doubt, shame, and hopelessness.  These anxiety wormholes will snatch you and leave you in despair if you don’t get on top of them.

This is where I’ve been for the past week.  Battling the loop demon.  But, alas, I’m back on track and moving forward.

The best news, however, is I fit into a pair of jeans that were in my closet: TWO (count ’em) sizes smaller.  Fashion milestones matter.  Seriously.  I’ve even started a “50% off” board on Pinterest.  I’m pinning things I would like to wear… some day.  When (notice I didn’t say “if?”) I reach my goal weight, I hope to fit into an old pair of Levi’s.  I remember I used to wear a 29 x 30 in high school.  (Same size as my son today).

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