Fat is clumsy

I have a hard time reaching my feet. I have to grab my shin to put on a sock. The massive frame of my body prevents me from moving around freely. Everything is an effort. I’m always afraid when I go into a boutique gift shop that I will knock something over because I misjudged my hips. Getting on and off buses is never graceful. (I need to take buses for various industry events where they shuttle you to dinner and events.) When I attend conferences, many times large groups of us will walk to nearby restaurants. Invariably, I always end up 20 paces behind the pack, trailing with some poor colleague who feels sorry for me. I was reading an article recently about how to react in a crisis. The article pointed out that people who were not fit suffered many more injuries and sometimes death because they didn’t have the ability to escape easily from a dangerous situation.

Of course, I’m writing this blog post laying in bed. I need to get moving today. I’m also going to the grocery store. Planning healthy choices.

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