Important, first positive steps

I bought the South Beach diet book today. As I mentioned, I’m so inspired by PastaQueen‘s story, I’m going to try and follow closely everything she did. While I was sitting at Barnes & Noble I made a list of everything I needed for the first few days of the diet. It was fairly exhaustive. One of my challenges with weight loss is I don’t know how to cook, really. I tend to throw stuff together that is easy. Nearly every ingredient for the first two days’ recipes was not in my fridge or my spice cabinet. It’s also a little expensive to buy all those things at once, but I realize I’ll be using them so hoping I can amortize the expense over the year. I spent $125 today and that only covers the first two days of the diet. I’ll buy the rest in similar short trips to the store.

I spoke to my daughter on the phone about my new venture into serious weight loss. My daughter is 17 and could probably afford to lose about 10, maybe 15 pounds, but she is obsessed with body image. She was happy to hear I’m going to try to lose weight and said she’d do the diet with me. She was not happy, however, that I started a blog to chart my progress. Her reaction: “Can anyone tell it’s you?” She expressed her fear of embarrassment for me (and her) if it were discovered I’m writing this blog. As I mentioned in my previous post, I want to conceal my identity as well at first. The reason why this is significant is I have a fairly high profile position in my industry which revolves around the social web. I have over 10000 followers on Twitter and hundreds of people read my industry blog. I’ve been transparent about my weight before on Twitter and on my personal blog, but it’s another thing to be so completely vulnerable- exposing the severity of the issues with weight loss for a morbidly obese person. I hope in time I can break that artificial separation between my professional self and this tortured inner (and outer) self character

I started a Twitter id too today. I chose Bulbasaur for my avatar because when my son was really small, he told me I looked like Bulbasaur– a Pokemon character. We thought it was funny at the time, but, ya know. It’s not really funny.

What do you think?

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