Day Seven

My first week is coming to an end.  I feel good.  I figured out I lost 11 pounds in 6 days.  I didn’t weight myself today.  I will tomorrow though.  Tonight I’m searching online for shrimp recipes.  I’m half-way done with pastaqueen’s book.  It’s really encouraging.  So many crucial observations she makes I relate to wholly.  She’s a clever writer too, which makes it even more compelling.

The gap in my plan is I haven’t started exercising yet.  I really need to.  I’m just avoiding it for some reason.  Not sure why.  I know I won’t get to where I need to be without just starting to move.  The good news is I am highly motivated right now.  I want to do this.  Have even discussed it with a few of my online friends.  It’s liberating to talk about the fat thing.  Kind of like “coming out” or something.  Just being candid about my feelings about being fat, rather than everyone politely being in denial about it.

I’m a little nervous because I have a high-profile conference coming up where I have a leading role as an organizer.  I will be very visible, even have to speak to the assembly every day.  The conference is in San Francisco where NO ONE is fat.  They actually have a security gate just for fat people at SFO; many are rejected.

Well, by this time next year, at next year’s conference… I should be at my goal weight.  That is the image that is comforting me.

What do you think?

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