Top (lame) excuses not to go to the gym

  • 1.  I’m too fat. (ugh)
  • 2.  I didn’t shave my legs.
  • 3.  My ipod earphones don’t fit.
  • 4.  I can’t find my exercise bra.
  • 5.  I won’t know how to work the new treadmills at the new gym.
  • 6.  I can’t go back to the old gym because my account is screwed up.  (And I don’t want to pay the balance).
  • 7.  I can just walk around the neighborhood.  (Of course, I don’t)
  • 9.  I can walk at the nearby park.  (Of course, I don’t)
  • 10.  I’ll start exercising in Phase 2.

So, I did not make it to the gym this weekend.  (Yeah, really.)  I did set up a social network though, posted about my commitment to lose weight on my personal blog, and tweeted about it all.

My weight stayed the same today.  I knew I shouldn’t have weighed myself this morning.

What do you think?

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