Hello Treadmill. Good-bye Lame Excuses.

IMG_0671I did it.  Bought a treadmill on Craigslist.  Not too bad.  I paid $150, plus I gave them some extra because they delivered it and set it up for me.   I decided to put it right in my office, so I’ll be AWARE of it all day.  Plus, I can use it in the morning while I watch various videopodcasts or shows on Hulu.  I just need to find some kind of wireless earphones because it’s kinda noisy.

At least I did it.  It’s a good start.

I noticed that I had lost six pounds by some random, fluke luck last week.  Maybe that is a good sign.  I have been cooking more healthy food again, but haven’t really committed to dieting.  My daughter and grandson are coming for a visit this week because my middle daughter is graduating high school.  I’ll probably wait to start the hard core dieting until they leave.

I’m happy about the treadmill though.  I hope it does the trick.

What do you think?

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