The New (Old) Normal

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Not exactly sure what the motivation was that struck me to finally reach out for help. I posted an ad on Craigslist with a headline that said, “Fitness/Life Coach: Can you Normal Size Me?” I filed it under the fitness category but explained clearly in the ad that I need much more than a personal trainer. I need someone who can keep me motivated, on track, someone who has more than muscle, but a real heart who can sympathize with the hard work that needs to get done to lose such a massive tonnage of weight.

I received over a dozen responses the first two days. I eventually had to take down the ad. All of the candidates said they could Normal Size me and explained their particular expertise and qualifications for doing so.  But one respondent, only had one word in the first paragraph of her reply. That word was “No.”

She brilliantly crafted an intelligent response to my ad that stated I am the only one who can Normal Size me. Here is the beginning of her reply:


Any individual replying to you saying they can is wrong. There’s not a trainer on the planet who can normal size you. That power is yours and yours alone. You are the one in ultimate control of that end result. You have to have the drive and determination to hang in there on nights where the food is talking to you and you just want to dive in. You have to have the drive to get up and do that workout when everything in you screams to go back to bed. That’s going to come from you. You alone. That’s what’s going to get the weight off AND KEEP IT OFF.

What can a trainer/coach do for you? Give you the tools and support to regain control of your life. You’ve demonstrated that you’re ready by putting up that ad. That’s a huge first step. Most people with a lot of weight to lose never make it that far. So no matter what, congratulations! That is a huge, huge step. Believe it or not, one of the hardest parts is over. Making the decision to make a change is more then half the battle.

Well, she had me at “No.”

I’ve hired Clara to begin a marathon, long-term slow weight loss that will hopefully get me back to my normal self. This normal self, unfortunately, has never left my brain. I’ve been walking around for decades in a state of confusion because my self-image and my RL image are not in sync. As you can see on the pages of this blog, I seem to be unable to take on this Herculean task alone, so the addition of Clara to my life should make the difference.

Clara is not only an intelligent, sensitive, yet tough trainer, she’s a fantastic writer. It’s one of the reasons I hired her. I look forward to chronicling my personal transformation on the pages of this blog, as well as keeping up with how Clara is helping her other clients push toward their goals. You can catch Clara blogging at “The Power to Change,” as well as on the Houston Examiner.

I implore anyone reading this blog to please lend your support in the comments. It’s going to take a village to move this mountain. (It was worth the mixed metaphor.)

5 thoughts on “The New (Old) Normal

  1. Susan,
    You are just awesome. Big congrats on putting this out there.
    I’ll be here cheering you on and gaining some much needed inspiration myself.
    Well done!

  2. You go girl!!! Be sure to add #fitnesschallenge to your tweets. Let’s record our daily success together! I have to tell you – I loved Clara’s response. What a great, positive response. She’s right.

  3. So glad you found a life coach. Sounds like a great idea. I’m rooting for you and hope to see less of you very soon. I’m right there with you, too.

  4. From your brother who inherited the same genes…. you certainly have my support. I am looking forward to talking to you about your successes on the phone each week.
    Remember … energy begets energy. The more you move around, the less difficult it is to move around. You start by expending the energy, which triggers your body to WANT to expend energy. (Ever hear of the runner’s high?)
    Not that I am any example by any means. The first days of a new more physically demanding job were the worst. Now, it is just another day at the “office”.
    I may come home tired, but I am not waking up tired and using nothing more than personal intestinal fortitude to get my butt to work another day. Now I actually look forward to the day.
    Energy begets energy, the more you use it, the more you have.

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