And slowly, I turned…

Still making progress.  Slower now, but steady.  I can feel the weight reducing somewhat.  It’s almost like I’m a large inflated balloon with a very slow leak.   At the ATX100 meeting, I was weighed on a high tech scale that measured everything possible.  I may start posting those readings.  The RunTex associate explained to me all I needed to know for now was, “Drink more water.”  And not just ordinary water, some kind of scientific water that has a better density or something.  I wasn’t exactly clear on the whole thing.  Will try to get a better explanation next time.  I think I may start video-taping these guys.

On Saturday, we had a demonstration from a woman (Abby, from Heartfelt Yoga)  who specializes in Yoga for heavy people.  I’ve been really curious about Yoga, so I think I’m going to try it.  They’re starting a class with the ATX100 on Fridays, but she also has classes in North Austin which is closer to where I live.

I have been cooking and eating out in restaurants.  For the most part, I’m making South Beach recipes and avoiding all starches when I’m out.  I haven’t had a problem yet finding something healthy to eat on any menu.

What I’m enjoying most, actually (and surprisingly) is the exercise.  I went for a great walk today on a park trail that’s close to my house.  It feels so wonderful to be outside in this beautiful weather in Austin.  The high was about 60 degrees today with bright sunshine.  Trekking through the woods and on the trails just motivates me more.  It reminds me of horseback riding in my youth.

On Wednesday of this week, I will have been at this for a month.  So, one down.  Stay with me.

Happy New Year, y’all.

Some photos from my walk:


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