The Fat Trap

The ATX100 take to the steps.So, there was this insufferably long article in the NY Times Magazine, “The Fat Trap.”  I skimmed it when I first saw it, but read it completely just now.  The primary learning is: it is harder for obese people to lose weight and keep it off.   I have known this to be true, but was hoping to remain comfortably in denial.  Read the article, if you haven’t.  I was particularly inspired by this woman’s experience, Lynn Bering.  I’ve added her blog to my blog roll.  It occurred to me I should probably start cross-posting from here to BlogHer.  Maybe I will.  I could use more readers too.

My trainer from last year, Clara, once told me that a fat cell basically shrinks as you lose weight.  It compresses, but does not ever “go away.”  So, if you start eating normally and stop exercising, it promptly just fills back up again.  A quote I saw from a doctor that specializes in weight loss said, “If you buy a fat cell, you can never take it back.” I’ve been wondering about liposuction for this reason.  Not that I could do it now, but maybe in the future.  It seems that these fat cells have got to go, permanently.

I have noticed that there are no end to weight loss theories and programs.  It turns out the gentleman who weighed me last week with the 22nd Century scale, was not a RunTex associate, but a small business owner who sells Kangan water products and has his own gym.  For now, I’m just trying to eat less and exercise more.  It seems to be working.  I can snobify my weight loss and health choices after I’ve gotten further along.

This Saturday, we had a fairly grueling 4-mile walk and drill session.  At least for me it’s grueling, as it’s my fourth time attending the ATX100 workouts.   I felt accomplished, however.  I actually “ran” for about 30 yards.  I fist-bumped the RunTex owner, Paul Carozzo, at the end, and breathlessly told him that was the first time I had run in over 20 years.  That shocked me to realize that, but it was true.  All very interesting to me.

I’m very close to a twenty pounds loss.  Only a half pound to go to reach that goal.  Hopefully tomorrow or the next day, I will.  Lose It, the app, tells me if I keep progressing this way, I should reach my final goal by my birthday, 2013.  I will be 54 years old.  I admit, I sometimes check out celebrities around my age to see if it’s really possible to look good in your fifties.  Whatever.  Like I recently told a friend of mine, I’m really only interested in looking good for a horse.  So, I’m not too worried.

Finally, the last comment I wanted to make is related to the psychological underpinnings of my vast weight gain. Another one of my friends recently said, “For me, [being] overweight is just a cheeseburger of emotional crap to work thru.”  This one really hit home.  I’ve reframed my weight to represent all the toxic crap I’ve been though over my adult years.  I’m on the road to cleansing my mind and my body of my polluted past.  So, hello 2012.  I am bringing it.

What do you think?

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