Fat as Puzzle

ImageMy friend Ross who is supporting me on my Health Rally, recommended this blog post, “Thinking about Diets and Other Complex Matters” by Bill Gurley, a VC at Benchmark Capital.  It’s a good post, and has great references.  I’ve already downloaded, “Why We Get Fat” on Audible.

I think there is a lot of truth to the complexity issue he’s pointing out.  That there are no simple solutions to weight loss (or gain for that matter).  I’m beginning to think I need to try every possible theory that is out there.

Even though it doesn’t make logical sense, I find my weight really fluctuates day to day, regardless of what I eat or the exercise I do.  A few days ago I was .5 away from losing twenty pounds, but the next day, I had gained 1.5 (for no apparent reason).  So, I’m still battling with that last pound.  I should probably just stop weighing myself.

I will say this, however.  I feel better.  I’ve had a tough time with acid reflux over the past few years (tmi, I know). But, it’s essentially GONE.  Really gone.  I have seen other dramatic improvements in other bodily functions, but I won’t delve into those details.  So, if for no other reason than to feel better, I’m motivated to keep reinventing myself.


4 thoughts on “Fat as Puzzle

  1. the body is so wise, susan. glad you are taking this on and it is finding ways to cheer you on itself.

    let’s add some rewarding outings to the mix, want to…? we love Austin small theater, film, much more.

    maybe sunday celebrations?

  2. nearly 20 lbs! I think you should celebrate the over 15 you’ve dropped! Weight is a puzzle and I love that you called it that, because you have to ask? is it getting older? is it a change in metabolism, hormones? is my thyroid different? and other questions like that. And getting rid of acid reflux and other calming other functions- that sounds perhaps even more important?
    Over the summer my husband read an article in CNN about President Clinton’s heart health diet by Dr. Esseltyn, and decided to try it. My husband lost about 20 lbs and is down to his high school weight. I weigh more than 20 lbs past my high school weight! I am down 12, (since August) but I cheat every chance I get. I think however there is a lot of science and logic behind Esseltyn so I recently decided to stop cheating and give it a proper go. best wishes to you in your quest!

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