I Stopped Dieting.

Don’t be alarmed.  It’s not what you think.  I realized tonight that I am just beginning a lifelong trek to change my eating and exercise behaviors.  So, this is indeed the new normal.  Not a “diet” or a weight loss program.  Of course, I’m still working toward my 50% off goal, but it is in the longer context of a lifelong transformation and subsequent improved qualify of my life.

My daughter saw a nutritionist this summer.  She told her, “Try not to eat anything that you can’t recognize where it came from.”  Good advice.  I need to learn how to cook.  That’s next on my todo list.   I also need to learn how to use proper kitchen utensils.  Even fancy kitchen machinery, such as a Cuisinart.  Of course, I have one, but have no idea what to do with it.  I’m also interested in juicers, but I hear they are expensive.  I met with a group of woman-folk friends last night who said Whole Foods and Central Market give cooking classes.  I know Central Market holds a class on knives alone.  I really need a “Cooking for Dummies” class.


2 thoughts on “I Stopped Dieting.

  1. you can never come to cooking too late. wish you were closer, so you could raid our gardens and gorge guiltlessly on the organic surplus. you would definitely be able to “recognize where it came from.” the very small number of people i know who have enjoyed lasting success with weight control did so, not by dieting, but by making wholesale “lifestyle” changes/shifts in their habits. pretty much everything else just led to “ping-ponging”. once again, susan, continued success. i think you’re plenty smart enough and motivated enough to stay on this course. jeffrey

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