I Stopped Dieting.

Don’t be alarmed.  It’s not what you think.  I realized tonight that I am just beginning a lifelong trek to change my eating and exercise behaviors.  So, this is indeed the new normal.  Not a “diet” or a weight loss program.  Of course, I’m still working toward my 50% off goal, but it is in the longer context of a lifelong transformation and subsequent improved qualify of my life.

My daughter saw a nutritionist this summer.  She told her, “Try not to eat anything that you can’t recognize where it came from.”  Good advice.  I need to learn how to cook.  That’s next on my todo list.   I also need to learn how to use proper kitchen utensils.  Even fancy kitchen machinery, such as a Cuisinart.  Of course, I have one, but have no idea what to do with it.  I’m also interested in juicers, but I hear they are expensive.  I met with a group of woman-folk friends last night who said Whole Foods and Central Market give cooking classes.  I know Central Market holds a class on knives alone.  I really need a “Cooking for Dummies” class.