Fighting Fat with Math and Accountability

In the online social tech world, I simply love being surrounded by math/coder/algorithm brainiacs who are working on Big Data problems and solutions.  It’s given me a finer appreciation for the precision of data at scale and the truth it reveals.

To that end, I’ve decided to start capturing more of my own metrics data for my 50% off campaign.  I ordered a Withings Scale recently.  The scale is a bit pricey, about $200 or so with shipping and tax.

Price notwithstanding, it’s a  beautiful piece of machinery and isn’t an eyesore in my bathroom.  It prompts me to weigh in every morning on my iPhone.  The scale measures weight (in tenths of a pound), Fat Mass, and Lean Mass, as well as provides a BMI reading.  These readings are then pushed to my web site where I’ve been tracking my weight loss: LoseIt.  And, I can access them on my iPhone, iPad, any computer and even push to Twitter and Facebook if I choose to.  (I will probably start doing the Twitter push once I get down about twenty more pounds.)

One of my business advisors, Esther Dyson, has been interested in self-regulating health care solutions for a long while.  I think I’m beginning to understand her passion for it.  When we put control of our bodies in our own hands with sophisticated tools, we are empowered.  These gadgets empower me and hold me accountable for my progress.  Because of the social web and my network of friends, I have the luxury of sharing my progress – on the good days and bad.   The support and the data that has wrapped my trek to lose this massive amount of body fat has sustained me and kept me on track.

I highly recommend making an investment in these tools.  The life you’re changing is 100% yours.  And before you can change the world, you need to change yourself to be the very best you can be.   Don’t think twice about the investment.  It can be amortized over a lifetime of good health and deeds.

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