Goal-setting and Life Set-backs

I reached a major milestone yesterday.  I lost 50 pounds.  I have been very excited about this news.  Of course, I have a long way to go. Two more goals (another 50, and the final 40), and I will be at my target weight which is 160.  That seems  way too heavy for normal women, but that’s where I will feel very comfortable.

Losing this much weight takes time and endurance.  I recently injured my foot (plantar fasciitis).  The doctor said I have to stop walking/running for exercise and have to stay off the treadmill.  That is extremely disappointing as I’ve been enjoying the  gym TEAM weight loss program.    Alas, I can swim and lift weights, and possibly  ride a stationary bike, so I will continue to exercise.

So, onto my next goal: the next 50.   That would be 200 pounds.  Sheesh.  It all seems so daunting, but, hey like my last post said, “I’m doing this.”

Have a great day!

2 thoughts on “Goal-setting and Life Set-backs

  1. I had the same foot problem – it was incredibly annoying, and I still feel twinges two years later, although i can now run more or less normally. Make sure you get good support insoles and wear them always. I think part of my problem was not enough flexibility (couldn’t touch toes), so worked on that, and it seemed to help… Good luck!

    1. I remember you had a foot injury in San Francisco when we had dinner. Couldn’t believe you hobbled along for blocks on end without complaining as we walked back to the hotel.

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