Plateau or Ledge?

For the past month, I have not continued to lose weight.  I’ve flat-lined at the 50-pound loss.  I know it has much to do with my annoying plantar faciitis and the fact that I can’t continue to use the treadmill, walk, or do the normal exercise I was doing that resulted in my early rapid weight loss.

I’m still sticking to my no carb, no sugar food choices, but the weight has just settled in and won’t budge.

I’m fairly frustrated.  At this point, when the pounds stop coming off, I start to lose patience.  I question why I’m doing this if there are no results, yada yada.

I realize I’m at a crossroads.  I have to change something I’m doing (or not doing) or I risk giving up completely.  I’m open to ideas, so if you have any, please share!

3 thoughts on “Plateau or Ledge?

  1. Go to weight training – anything you can do without standing: curls and extensions, lat pulldowns, bench press, leg extensions, hamstring curls, etc. The added muscle will increase fat burning. You might also want to try yoga.

  2. I lost 10 lbs last summer without trying – no alcohol, no wheat products for a month. Also very important – portion control. I think it was mostly due to the lack of wine.

  3. Plateaus break one of two ways, either by a shift in workouts or a shift in eating. It sounds like the plateau coincides with your foot injury, so my suggestion would be a workout adjustment. Intervals on the bike would be my suggestion. However, I know you’ve got a training program, so you want to check with your trainer first.

    The second option is changing your diet. If you do this, my suggestion would be to add in a couple days of increased calories, The easiest way to do this is to add complex carbs for 2 days, then stop. Pick 2 meals and add say a baked sweet potato, or a bowl of oatmeal. See if you get a shift down. You will not gain real weight in 2 days, though you may see a water weight gain. That will go away. Properly used, complex carbohydrates are like adding lighter fluid to your fat burning fire. They help your body burn fat better and quicker.

    When your body is operating in a low calorie environment, it can hit a point where it’s no longer able to effectively burn fat. Thus the plateau. This is why body builders use re-feed days or free meals to help jump the calorie count and trick the body into dropping fat again.

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