Honeymoon phase begins…

I’m writing this while watching, “The Biggest Loser.”  I’ve been tempted to turn it off at least five times.  Can’t be sure if it’s some of the contrived enthusiasm or the thundering bass drum on the soundtrack, but I’m concluding (about 10 minutes in) that this show is not for people like me.  This show is for everyone else to feel superior to people like me.  But, alas.  Like a lot of things I don’t want to do, I’ll watch the damn show because there should be something useful that I can pick up as I begin my own journey.

Clara has been reliably punctual and attentive.  She’s been teaching me about portion sizes, frequency of meals, combinations of foods, etc.  It all makes sense, and so far I’m highly motivated.  I’m using my electronic tools and that is proving to be fun– almost like a sport or performance analytics or something.  Today Clara taught me about HIIT training.  I”ll try it on my own tomorrow.  One thing I guess I didn’t account for was the focus you need to put into this effort.  It’s like having a part-time job.  Kind of hard on top of a full-and-a-half-time job I already have trying to launch my business.

I realize I’m still in the honeymoon phase of getting this done, however.  Highly committed and engaged.  Clara has said a few things that have resonated with me.  One of which was, “Gaining weight happens by accident; losing weight happens on purpose.” Tru dat.  She discourages me from weighing myself, but I have lost 3 pounds, so I’m on my way.  The inner tube tire that was circling my ribs seems to have been deflated too.  That’s great.  I’d really like to come down at least 25 pounds by the beginning of November.

Soldiering on.

One thought on “Honeymoon phase begins…

  1. “Enter encouraging words here” I think by publishing your activities, succeses and (yes) even failures, you will do yourself a great service. I wish for you all the best in this continuing effort. Pleaase keep of us who care about you up to date.

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