That darned scale!

So, I’ve been faithful to working out and really watching the eating.  But, after nearly a month, I have only lost ten pounds.  I expressed my disappointment to Clara, and she told me I was exactly where I was supposed to be.  I’m somewhat frustrated though, so I decided to go hard core on South Beach again for a phase one, two week session.  I’m entering my second week now and although it is hard, I have been able to stay focused.

The exercise has been getting easier.  Clara has me doing a program on the treadmill called, “HIIT training.”  It’s basically a phased cardio workout that compresses the time you need to get a full workout in.  Once I do a base level fairly easily, I increase the speed and do that for a few days.  At the height of the routine, I’m walking much faster than I did on the treadmill I used at the Toms River gym.

She’s also teaching me exercises I can do in my room at the hotel when I have to travel.  I have a lot of travel coming up, so that’s a good idea. I’m still using the pedometer too.  On a good day, I’ll get over 8,000 steps in, although she says the goal is probably more near 10,000.

So, all in all, even though the scale frustrates me, I feel generally good about all this and am determined to continue.

2 thoughts on “That darned scale!

  1. “…after nearly a month, I have only lost ten pounds. I expressed my disappointment to Clara…”

    Ten pounds in a month?!!?? AND You’re disappointed?!? That’s 2 1/2 pounds in a week!!! I think that is EXCELLENT!!! Anything more than that would be artificial (dehydration) or unhealthy.

    Ten pounds is a GREAT start. Stop beating yourself up.

    Your brother.

  2. Hi Susan

    I want you to know that you’ve inspired me to do something about my weight.

    I’ve been thinking about doing so for a couple years, during which time I gained about 25 pounds. I must’ve been eating while thinking about losing weight.

    My initial motivator was the birth of my first grandchild, Ben, in August 2006. I figured if I wanted to see Ben grow up, I better slim down. Ben now has a baby sister, Katherine Grace, who was born in April 2009. Her birth, and my cardiologist’s “suggestion”, prompted me to explore lap-band surgery.

    I was having second thoughts about lap-band surgery when I came across your September 4 post. That, and your next post, led me to give losing weight one more try. I bought a pedometer (although I’m not getting anywhere near 10,000 steps a day) and began to change my eating habits – less food, better choices.

    I lost 10 pounds in the first month – only 90 to go. That’s good, not great, but it is a start.

    So, thanks for giving me the inspiration to get off my butt. You’re responsible for 20 pounds, 10 for each of us, of weight loss in a month.

    I’ll update you with my progress the 15th of every month.

    See you at E 2.0 in San Francisco.

    Thanks again!


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