Lumpty Dumpty

I was at the gym today doing my free weight reps looking in the mirror. My body is a big pear shape, like the biggest pear that ever was.

I found this photo yesterday of my lithe, 19-year old body. I still have the same frame, and those bones still weigh about 6lbs.

But my 60-ish-year-old body looks nothing like this. It’s as if someone filled my skin with gallons of lumpy mashed potatoes. Especially hanging off my arms and around my hips. Yuk.

Looking in the gym mirror, I appreciate the fact that I have lost weight, but am simultaneously horrified by my new saggy skin suit. I know I have to keep working at it, but the realization that I will never look like this again is de-motivating to say the least.

I told you last post that I was going to go to the gym every day last week. I made it a few days, but couldn’t go every day for various reasons that were valid reasons.

I was disappointed, however, that when I weighed myself… NADA. Nothing actually changed again. I’m starting to wonder if my scale is not working. That must be it!

Oh well. Just wanted to share some of my progress.

I’m still moving forward.

3 thoughts on “Lumpty Dumpty

  1. Keep going! You are doing great, and your example is inspiring me and others I am sure.

    I’ve refrained from giving advice as I’m no expert. But I can at least share my own experience. (I’ve worked on being healthier, and am 27 lbs lighter than when I was I college if that means anything. I also managed to get off of cholesterol meds 10 years ago.)

    My top tips?

    Focus on healthy habit development and the rest comes much more easily. The. Eat resource I’ve found and use every day is Tiny Habits by BJ Fogg.

    Surround yourself with healthy people. The choices they make will inevitably influence you.

    Resist labels or judgment. Whatever you think you are or are not is just a story. And stories can be changed. (See tip # 1 :-)) I was not a yoga person and now I am. I was not a gym person and yet we enrolled here in Japan even on holiday and enjoy going now. I was not a jogger and yet I’m doing my 2nd half-marathon two years in a row. 🤷‍♂️

    Experiment! Gym, walk, yoga, hikes, dogs, zoomba. Explore with a playful open curiosity and see what suits you.

    Again, YOU ARE DOING GREAT!!! And you have a fan in NYC cheering you on!!

    1. Thanks so much John! I’m doing some of these for sure. Especially surrounding myself with healthy, positive people. I have definitely reinvented myself out here in South Dakota in many ways. I really appreciate your encouragement and advice. The Tiny Habits book looks great! It’s in my Shopping Cart for my next order…

      1. And your artwork is beautiful. Congratulations on your exhibit! That. Is. Amazing!

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