Day 10

So far, so good. My daughter and I went out to dinner tonight at the local Red Lobster. I was able to order grilled salmon, asparagus, and broccoli. It was great! It’s really easy for me (so far) to continue with this diet. I’m enjoying cooking too.

I haven’t weighed myself for the past few days, but I intend to tomorrow. I also haven’t started working out, and I’m starting to feel badly about that. I just don’t want to face that gym humiliation. It’s different in the town where I live now because EVERYONE is fit. At my old gym, there were many people like me in the gym. I’m certain I won’t find that here. It’s an excuse though, nonetheless. I need to go.

This weekend.

The (humiliation of the) Gym

I’ve let my gym membership languish. I forced myself to stop in today to look into getting my account straightened out. I had frozen my personal account because I wasn’t going, but because of a billing glitch, they terminated my daughter’s account. She’s not going to be happy to hear that. (My daughter has been in the Northeast all summer). She’s coming home on Monday.

The gym I used to attend when we lived up North had a womans-only area where I didn’t feel so self-conscious on the equipment. In addition, there were many all-size women who worked out at that gym, so I never felt too freakish. This new gym, however, gives me the self-conscious heebie jeebies. I feel like they should pay me to go there, as I’m a walking billboard for reasons why other members need to keep coming.

I don’t really like this gym. All I can really do at this weight is the treadmill. The treadmills are not as advanced as the one in my old gym. I used to listen to CNBC in the morning and several podcasts that I would synchronize to my ipod before I left in the morning. I’d like to switch gyms, but I’m not sure I can get out of my contract. In any event, I’m going to have to start going.

I’ve thought about walking around the neighborhood. It’s so unbearably hot here though.